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We have all faced a problem of how to select a good cleaning company and it definitely took us a while to find a reliable one. At Islands Clean, we have thought of giving us some advice on how to select a good and a reliable cleaning company with minimum effort and hassle.

Of course you may ask your friends, family or colleagues and sometimes that is indeed enough to find a professional cleaning firm, but we can always go the extra mile to make sure you do not fall into a loop of always looking for a stable cleaning company. So in order to enjoy a clean and a good house and as well to rest assured that you can rely on a stable cleaning company, it is better to spend some time to evaluate the main things you have to focus on. So here they are.

They Know What They’re Doing

Professional cleaning companies have their cleaning ways and methods put on a different level, they always know where to start and where to end your cleaning, even their movement and techniques are sometimes robotized. Due to the fact that they have years of experience and professional equipment to assist them while cleaning, it might seem that it is a very easy job for them. Timing is another aspect, a good cleaner will never spend more time than needed and charge you more than what you need to pay.

They Leave Your Place Dirt- and Dust-Free

Your cleaning company might get the house dirty and messy but when they leave , you must see your reflection on the tiles. That is exactly how cleaning should go, they enter your house while it is in a mess, and leave it dust free. You should not find dust and dirt under carpets, cleaning equipment left, chemicals not disposed of or any other remains after cleaning.After all, you paid for that, so always make sure nothing is left behind after your cleaners.

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They Work at a Moderate Pace

Finishing the whole cleaning act very fast is good for you, you can dedicate your time at home for your family or any other task, but if cleaning is done very quickly, you need to ask yourself some questions. If your cleaning company works fast, then they may have left things behind them, or on the other hand if they are working too slow, then they might be looking to extend their shift. Exceptions happen in any situation, but always keep in mind that cleaning is not usually a fast process, it has to be done in a specific time frame

They’ve Always Upheld the Same Level of Standards

No matter if it is your first cleaning or you have hired the people for the 50th time, cleaning standards never change. If you find someone who has never changed their standards and the services were always delivered quite professionally, hand on to these guys. It is a rare thing for a cleaning company to always maintain a high level for a long run. Consistency is the key and not first impression. Usually companies will strive to give you 200% of what is possible for the first few bookings to hook you up,but things can always change later, so always pay attention to the level of services delivered.

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