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Commercial Cleaning Services Edmonton

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is a process of thorough cleaning of business premises. It is usually done by commercial cleaning companies, who send a team of cleaners to clean the premises. The purpose of commercial cleaning is to make the business premises hygienic and presentable for work purposes. One of the reasons for commercial cleaning is to meet health and safety standards. This is because unclean and untidy company premises can be a health hazard, as they can be breeding grounds for bacteria and other harmful organisms.
Our experienced commercial cleaners will leave your workplace looking spotless. We pride ourselves on the depth of our commercial cleaning knowledge and commitment to client service. Our cleaners are qualified to a high standard, and all use our custom range of cleaning products which help us to keep all our customers’ offices not just hygienically clean but environmentally friendly too. Our skilled cleaning services will be brought out to the highest standards.

Benefits Of Commercial Cleaning

Technology driven systems

Equal Opportunity Employer

English Speaking and Friendly Staff

Trained And Certified Staff in Cleaning

Health And Safety Trained Staff

Economically Friendly and Sustainable cleaning

Data Protection Trained Staff

Fully Insured Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Islands Clean insured and bonded?

Yes. We operate 100% insured and bonded for the safety and peace of mind of our customers. Are clean

Are cleaners’ police checked?

Yes, all cleaners registered with the services are required to provide a police clearance check.

How many clearers do you send for cleaning?

it entirely depends on the space and service requirements, we send one or two crew members as per the need, and for commercial services, we first inspect your premises and send a team with just enough members.

Why Client Trust Us?

Free Estimates.

Competitive Pricing.

Insured & Bonded.

Green and Eco-Friendly.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We can meet the strict cleaning requirements for large factories.

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