Commercial Cleaning Services Edmonton:

Deep Cleaning

We provide quality deep cleaning services and make sure that we deliver your home clean and fresh. Deep cleaning is more detail oriented and suits better than the classic cleaning service. We clean places that are hard to reach like ceilings, behind appliances and as well clean inside the fridges, ovens and other home appliances.

Deep Cleaning Edmonton

Move IN & OUT Cleaning

Our goal is to deliver your place fresh and clean and that there will be almost no trace of previous inhabitants. Islands clean will be more than happy to assist you with your move in or move out cleaning services and make sure it is ready to greet your new tenants. Our focus will be cleaning large appliances and as well make sure that even small details and areas of your home are clean and smelling fresh. Bathrooms, kitchens, appliances, windows, doors and even light switches will be cleared and will look as good as new.

Move IN & OUT Cleaning Edmonton

House Cleaning

Home sweet home. It is where you need harmony, relaxation and of course for your place to be clean and tidy. That is why here at Islands Clean we make sure that you receive worry-less residential cleaning service at a high standard. We understand how the cleanliness of your home matters to you, and for this reason we can apply our regular one-time cleaning service and on the other hand offer weekly, bi weekly and even monthly cleaning service. Our team members and cleaners are ready to invest their time and effort for any special cleaning request that you may have.

House Cleaning Edmonton

Carpet Cleaning

We handle carpet cleaning with attention to each and every detail. We do steam cleaning, area rugs and upholstery cleaning. Our quality carpet cleaning can help you easily restore old carpets and make them look as good as new. Instead of going and buying a new carpet or replacing the old one, our steam cleaning is the best and least expensive method to restore your carpet. Once our cleaning is done, you may realize that there are still a few years before you change your floor covering.

Carpet Cleaning Edmonton

Commercial Cleaning

Islands Clean does also provide commercial cleaning services for offices in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Our team members will take care of your office cleaning needs at the highest level.It is essential for your commercial premises to look clean and welcoming for your customers to be comfortable while coming to your working space.  We understand as well  that your staff will be much more productive and looking forward to having their job done in a clean and safe environment. Our rates are quite competitive and can tailor any commercial cleaning need.


Commercial Cleaning Edmonton

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